Monday, August 6, 2007


My boom is “Oops!!”. It’s a wonderful word. I want to get this word.


Laura said...

Haha! We'll try to teach you how to use "oops" and other fun English expressions then!

Nina Liakos said...

Oops! I made a mistake.
(sometimes I say "Whoops!" instead of "oops")

Dennis said...

Hello, Yusuke.

Yes, Oops! is an interesting expression. I'm sure you'll learn many more expressions that are just as interesting during your stay in the U.S.

Best wishes!

Dennis in Phoenix

Berta said...

Yes, Yusuke, I like it a lot too and find it very practical and useful at certain times.

Hiromi said...

Hello, Yusuke!
I also like using the word you've mentioned "Oops". I like it so much that I usually say it even though I talk to the Japanese friends! Hahaha~, that might be a kind of "Oops" moment?