Friday, August 10, 2007

Let's enjoy passion

Passion is very, very important. Yesterday, we went to Inter-American Development Bank. It was so fantastic for me because I want to work at bank in the future. I was so happy that I could listen very interesting stories. I will look for something to enjoy passion.


Hiromi said...

Hello, Yusuke!
It seems that you really enjoyed visiting the bank, right? But I can understand how inspiring it is to see people work for something that helps people around the world!

Also, as you said, passion is really important. ^^ In addition to that, I guess looking for something you can be passionate about is important as well.

Laura said...

Passion IS important! (haha)
Reading your blog, your written English is actually pretty good! I'm sure you could speak just as well if you tried a bit more! ^_^

Berta said...

Hi Yusuke,
Yes, I also think passion is necessary in life and when one is passionate about one´s job, for example, work turns into an enjoyable activity, creativity is enhance and one is filled with endless energy.
I am sure the visit to the IDB will inspire you in your future, especially if you are interested in working at a bank, as you mentioned.

Dennis said...

Hello, Yusuke.

I completely agree with you that passion is very, very important. Without passion, life is very dull indeed.

I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to the IDB. I'm sure you learned some things about banking that are probably not included in school courses!

Did you enjoy the visit to Annapolis, the bay cruise, and going to the various museums? Which museum(s) did you like best?

Continue to enjoy your stay in Maryland!

Best wishes--

Dennis in Phoenix